Client Success Story: Baja Roofing and Saenz Global's Partnership Journey

We're thrilled to share the success story of Baja Roofing, a distinguished roofing company based in California, known for its expertise in commercial and residential roofing. This case study highlights how our collaboration overcame significant operational hurdles and transformed Baja Roofing's approach to customer relationship management and project execution.

Client Profile: Baja Roofing, California


  • FARR Commercial Roof Installation
  • Silicon Commercial Roof Installation
  • Commercial Single Ply Membrane
  • Residential Shingle Roof Replacement
  • Residential Tile Roof Installation
  • Residential Torch Down or Roll Roofing

Client Base: Homeowners and Commercial Buildings

Partnerships: Collaboration with Solar Energy Companies

Challenges Faced Before Saenz Global

Overwhelmed by Inbound Leads:

Baja Roofing was encountering a high volume of inquiries that their team could not effectively manage due to the need for field presence to sell roofs. This resulted in missed opportunities and potential revenue losses as leads were not converted due to slow and inefficient response times.

Inefficient Customer Follow-Ups:

The existing process for customer follow-up lacked structure, leading to reduced business. Without a systematic follow-up strategy, Baja Roofing struggled to build long-term relationships with clients.

Project Management Disarray:

From the initiation of roofing projects to their completion and post-service follow-up, their team was spread thin. While they had a good level of organization, there was significant room for improvement. Enhancements were needed in their project funnel, service delivery, and communication with project managers.

With their team spread thin across various operational aspects, Baja Roofing found it challenging to allocate adequate resources to critical tasks. This resulted in suboptimal workforce utilization and diminished service quality.

Saenz Global's Tailored Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of Baja Roofing, Saenz Global stepped in to streamline their operations through specialized back-office support:

Advanced CRM Integration:

We optimized their CRM with system features and automation tools to prioritize and respond to inbound leads quickly while adding a human touch. This ensured that potential clients received timely and personalized responses. The CRM also facilitated better tracking of customer interactions, making follow-up communications more effective and timely.

Customized Sales and KPI Dashboards:

We developed customized dashboards that provide real-time insights into critical metrics such as lead conversion rates, project timelines, and KPIs related to Baja Roofing's business. These dashboards enable managers to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operations and enhancing productivity.

Streamlined Project Management Tools:

To tackle project management, we integrated specialized tools to assist in scheduling, tracking, and managing roofing projects from start to finish. These tools ensure that every phase of the project lifecycle is monitored and that deadlines are met, improving overall project execution and client satisfaction.

Enhanced Logistical Support:

Recognizing the complexity of roofing projects, Saenz Global provided logistical planning support, including the coordination of materials and manpower. This ensured that once a project was signed, all resources were efficiently allocated, reducing delays and increasing job completion rates.

Training and Support:

To ensure that Baja Roofing's team could fully leverage the new systems and tools, Saenz Global provided comprehensive training and ongoing support. This empowerment enabled the team to handle their expanded capabilities effectively, boosting confidence and competence in managing increased workloads.

Impact of the Solutions

The implementation of these tailored solutions transformed Baja Roofing's operations, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The systematic approach to handling leads and managing projects not only streamlined their operations but also allowed the team to focus on delivering high-quality roofing services. With improved processes and support, Baja Roofing is now better equipped to handle growth and expand its market presence.

The collaboration between Baja Roofing and Saenz Global led to remarkable improvements:

Enhanced Efficiency: With the improved CRM system, Baja Roofing experienced a smoother workflow, allowing them to handle more projects without compromising quality.

Better Resource Management: Our solutions allowed their team to focus on their core competencies—roofing installations—rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined processes meant faster project turnovers and enhanced customer communication, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Our partnership with Baja Roofing is a testament to Saenz Global's commitment to empowering roofing businesses. By handling the complexities of back-office management, we allow our clients, like Baja Roofing, to concentrate on what they do best—delivering exceptional roofing services. This case study is not just about the success of Baja Roofing but a reflection of how targeted support can lead to substantial business growth and customer satisfaction.