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Since we know how you work, we eliminate the learning curve.

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We do monthly contracts to ensure you are happy with our business.

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With so much time on your hands, the growth possibilities are endless!

No Learning Curve

We require no training and are experts in most CRMs.

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Behind every successful roofing contractor stands a top-notch back office support team. With experts like us by your side, you'll soar to new heights while we take care of the behind-the-scenes magic.

Ordering Measurements

Ordering measurements through your preferred platform (Roofr, Eagleview, Roofscope, Quickmeasure Gaf, Pitchgauge, and more!).

Streamlining the measurement process for efficiency and convenience.

Creating DIY reports with our skills and expertise.

Providing Estimates

Creating estimates using information from measurement reports for accurate pricing.

Sending estimates to homeowners, sales reps, or insurance companies for approval.

Providing prompt and professional communication throughout the estimation process.

Creating Contracts

Preparing agreements using information provided by our team for clarity and transparency.

Requesting approval of agreements and sending them to homeowners for review.

Following up to ensure that agreements were received and to answer any questions or concerns.


Reaching out to leads promptly to establish communication.

Entering leads into your CRM for easy tracking and management.

Assigning leads to the appropriate sales reps for follow-up.

Following up with leads to schedule appointments and answer any questions or concerns.

Ordering Materials

Seamless ordering of materials after contract signing and verification of documentation.

Expert knowledge of price sheets for accurate and cost-effective material procurement.

Thorough tracking and confirmation of delivered materials.

Schedule Installs

Proactive follow-up with distributors to validate delivery dates and ensure timely material arrival.

Manage the logistics of scheduling dumpsters to facilitate debris removal during installations.

Coordinate with homeowners and sales representatives to schedule installations at convenient times.


Comprehensive documentation support for permit application and payment process.

Expert assistance in uploading permits and receipts onto CRM platform.

Verification of measurements, contracts, and permits.

Insurance Follow up

Streamlining the communication and coordination between all stakeholders involved in the claim process.

Timely and proactive communication with insurance companies and adjusters.

Expertise in understanding insurance processes and requirements.


Assist in the leg work of supplementing process by submitting supplements to the insurance company.

Monitoring the approval status of the supplement and tracking the timeline for the release of funds.

Proactive follow-up with the insurance company to confirm receipt and review of the supplement.


Utilize the CRM platform to create and send electronic payment requests to streamline the payment process.

Coordinate and schedule check pickups with homeowners for convenient payment collection.

Maintain regular communication with homeowners through email regarding payment due dates and reminders.

Efficiently generate and send invoices using QuickBooks software.

Closing Documents

Facilitate the preparation and delivery of Certificate of Completion (COC) documents.

Include a labor warranty to guarantee the quality of the performed work.

Prepare and deliver a formal Letter of Completion to signify the successful conclusion of the project.

Ensure accuracy and completeness of all closing documents to meet contractual obligations and client satisfaction.

Quality Control

Conduct proactive quality control by contacting homeowners to request feedback on the completed job.

Seek referrals from satisfied homeowners to expand the client base and generate new business opportunities.

Express gratitude and appreciation by sending personalized thank-you notes to homeowners.

Standard Operating Procedures

Develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each task or process within the organization.

Ensure clear and concise documentation of step-by-step procedures, guidelines, and best practices.

Regularly review and update SOPs to reflect changes in processes, technologies, or regulations.

Managing Email Inbox

Prioritize emails that require immediate action or response, ensuring timely and efficient communication.

Establish a systematic process for organizing emails based on categories, folders, or labels to improve search-ability and organization.

Efficiently manage the email inbox by regularly deleting old and irrelevant emails, as well as identifying and eliminating spam messages.

Managing CRM

Our team consists of certified CRM professionals with expertise in managing customer relationship management systems.

Regularly review and verify data integrity to maintain accurate and up-to-date records in the CRM.

Ensure timely and accurate uploading of photos and documents into the CRM platform.

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- Do you have an integrated CRM platform? 
- Are you currently generating a minimum of 7 figures in annual revenue each year.
- Do you install a minimum of 8 roofs a month?
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Get onboarded within
24-72 hours!

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Can we help you?
- Do you have a CRM? 
- Have you had an admin or currently have one?
- Do you install a minimum of 15 roofs a month?
Let’s get rolling!
1. Sign the agreement
2. Pay the reservation fee
3. Schedule an onboarding call.
Onboarding session.
During an intensive 60-90 minute call, you will meet your CSM, Team Lead, and Onboarding Director, and we will uncover your current standard operating procedures.

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