Boosting Roofing Success: Remote Admin Teams in Pre-sales

The journey from the pre-sale to post-completion of a roofing project entails many steps with the pre-sales phase playing a big role in setting projects up for success. This is where a well-organized administrative (admin) team becomes invaluable, providing a strategic edge through detailed organization, precision, and efficiency in handling essential tasks. From initial measurements to the final agreement, let's explore how a remote admin team can profoundly impact the pre-sales process, streamlining operations and fostering strong customer relationships.

Ordering Measurements: Laying the Groundwork

Research by McKinsey & Company on the construction sector's digitization indicates that technological solutions can enhance productivity by 14 to 15 percent and reduce project costs by 4 to 6 percent.

  • Utilizing Advanced Platforms: By harnessing tools like Roofr, Eagleview, Roofscope, Quickmeasure Gaf, Pitchgauge, and more, the admin team ensures accuracy from the start.
  • Streamlining Processes: Efforts are focused on making the measurement process as efficient and convenient as possible, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Creating DIY Reports: With expertise in report creation, the team prepares comprehensive DIY reports, further enhancing project accuracy and readiness.

Providing Estimates: Crafting a Clear Financial Picture

A study by Software Advice found that contractors who provide detailed estimates within 48 hours of the initial customer inquiry have a conversion rate up to 25% higher than those who delay their estimates. 

  • Accurate Pricing: The team translates information from measurement reports into detailed estimates, ensuring that pricing reflects the project's true scope.
  • Seamless Communication: Estimates are promptly sent to homeowners, sales reps, or insurance companies, focusing on clear and professional exchanges.
  • Expedited Approvals: Through efficient handling, the team aids in obtaining necessary approvals, keeping the project timeline on track.
  • Creating Contracts: Formalizing Agreements
  • Preparation and Clarity: Contracts are meticulously prepared using gathered information, ensuring they are clear, transparent, and reflective of agreed terms.
  • Efficient Approval Process: The team manages the approval process, sending contracts to homeowners for review and diligently following up.
  • Addressing Concerns: By proactively addressing questions or concerns, the admin team helps finalize agreements with confidence and mutual understanding.

Leads: Nurturing Potential Projects

A Salesforce study highlighted that 78% of customers expect to interact with a company in real time. Promptness in initial contact not only meets these expectations but can significantly influence customer perception and decision-making.

  • Prompt Initial Contact: Reaching out to leads quickly is crucial for establishing a positive first impression and initiating communication. 
  • CRM Integration: Leads are systematically entered into a CRM system, enabling efficient tracking and management.
  • Assigning and Follow-Up: Assigning leads to appropriate sales reps and ensuring diligent follow-ups fosters lead engagement, potentially converting inquiries into projects.
In the post-sales phase, Saenz Global excels in ensuring that every project concludes smoothly and professionally. We manage all aspects of documentation, from securing necessary permits to creating and sending invoices via QuickBooks, ensuring all financial interactions are seamless. Our team diligently follows up on insurance claims, aids in the supplementing process, and coordinates material ordering and installation scheduling to ensure timely project completion. Additionally, we conduct thorough quality control checks and gather client feedback to maintain high standards of satisfaction, fostering repeat business and referrals. With Saenz Global, roofing contractors can rest assured that every project detail is meticulously handled, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

A remote admin team like Saenz Global can offer roofing contractors a competitive advantage through meticulous attention to detail, strategic use of technology, and proactive communication. By optimizing each step of the pre-sales process, from accurate measurements to formalized agreements and lead management, the admin team not only enhances operational efficiency but also lays the groundwork for successful project execution and long-term business growth.